All I Have To Give

I apologize, but this is all I have to give…



Trying to do a little writing:

How I feel about starting another week:

Men who drive fancy sports cars:
your man

Ten minutes into watching the live stage version of The Sound of Music:

When I see certain status updates on Facebook:

How I greet my morning coffee:

When the Dallas Cowboys are actually winning:

That is, until they get to the 4th quarter and give up:

 When I hear someone say they don’t like guacamole:

When people insist upon creating drama because they have nothing better to do:

And then, I’m like:

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  • Sue Pekarek

    Fun! My favorite is the mug love.

  • PsychScrivener

    Love it!!!

  • Shirley Maya Tan

    Babe, you kill me with your GIFs! Muaks and hugs. Hope all is well with you :)

  • Phil Holtberg

    Ha! Perfect post for a Monday! Only four days until the weekend!

  • William Kendall

    How could anyone get ten minutes into the Sound of Music without running for the hills and begging them to make it stop?

    I’m with Rowan Atkinson on this one.

  • Joy @ Comfytown

    This is so great! I love a good .gif! And I concur on all, except I would never even try to watch The Sound of Music.

  • Bryan Jones

    Those pictures were hilarious – I particularly enjoyed the sports car gesture!

  • Claire

    That writing one? I feel you.