American Small Towns


Hey everyone!

American Small Towns

I haven’t posted since Monday, because I’ve been a little busy…

American Small Towns

…on a new project that I hope will grow wings and take flight.

I’m a fan of the website/blog called Humans of New York. If you haven’t heard of it, the blogger (can’t remember his name) walks around the streets of New York taking photographs of people (with their permission) and asks them a few questions. He posts their responses above their pictures. It’s kind of awesome!

American Small Towns


Well, I’m not going to do that, because I’m not someone who can really approach people out of the blue, but thinking about that site gave me an idea.


I like to travel, right?

American Small Towns

Take pictures?

American Small Towns

You bet!

Well, I came up with the idea of visiting American small towns (focusing on populations less than 25,000), writing about them, and of course, taking random photographs. I’m even interested in talking to a few locals to get their perspective of living in a small town or other odds and ends…whatever they’d like to discuss. I know I said that I don’t really like approaching people, but a few here and there wouldn’t kill me. I think.

Of course, I can’t travel too far right now because that can get kind of expensive. But since I have to start somewhere in order to grow the new blog, I figured I would focus on my local area to begin with, in hopes of branching out even further as times goes on.

I’m hoping that all my readers here, will venture over to the new blog and (please) subscribe! Here’s the link:

American Small Towns 

I’ve also created a Facebook fan page for the new blog, so if you’d head on over and give it a, “LIKE,” I’d really appreciate it! Please?

American Small Towns

Oh, and before you ask…this blog (Funny Life Stories) will stay the same and updated with new posts like I’ve been doing. I just missed the past few days, because I was busy.

I hope everyone is having a terrific week!



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  • Foodie in WV

    With the limit of 25,000 or less people that would be most of the state of WV :) We live in the biggest town in the state and only have a little over 50,000. Pretty much the whole state is small town america! I love your idea, my husband is from a town of 2000 people and we visit at least twice a year. It’s beautiful and my inlaws know everyone by name.

  • Shirley Maya Tan

    Cool…can’t wait :)

  • Phil Holtberg

    Sounds great. I signed up. Love reading this stuff about our country.

  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    That cat cracked me up!

  • William Kendall

    Got you on like over there!

    Not sure what to think about the inclusion of a clip of Les Miserables… aka People Singing For No Reason Whatsoever In The Nineteenth Century For Three Hours…

  • Rachel

    Ok, this gotta be the cutest post I’ve seen.. it’s a cat gesturing pleeeeeease to me, and I cannot say no to that! haha, I’ve seen that photo several times before, but it never gets old.