Smile, It’s Monday!


Smile, It’s Monday!

When I take a bite of something and it’s too hot:

Smile, It's Monday

When someone starts talking about politics:

Smile, It's Monday

When I hear the word, “Pizza!”

Smile, It's Monday

When I see a salesperson approaching me after making eye contact:

Smile, It's Monday

How I feel when I see carbohydrates after not eating them for a while:

Smile, It's Monday

Whenever I see a, “Wet Paint,” sign:

Smile, It's Monday

Why I can’t seem to focus on writing/editing:

Smile, It's Monday

My favorite fruit:

Smile, It's Monday

Yes, I love ALL things, “banana!” :-)

What happens if I have too much salt:

Smile, It's Monday



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  • Lucy Pireel

    Thanks for the laugh on this otherwise dreadful day. :-) More great gifs with suitable descriptions. Love these posts.

  • Vashti Q-Vega

    This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. 😀

  • Cheryl Nicholl

    What a great way to start my day- with a BIG laugh! I gotta say my favorite is the turtle at high speed! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Emelie Samuelson

    Love it!

  • Phil Holtberg

    Funny way to start off a long work week! Happy Monday!

  • Foodie in WV

    Too funny :) I am the same way with salt!

  • Shirley Maya Tan

    Perfect way to start any week or day – with laughter :) Have an awesome week ahead, Gina! :)

  • William Kendall

    I agree with the turtle.

  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    I agree with William, below me