It’s Hot!


Holy hell, it’s been hot here in Texas!

Hot enough to make a preacher cuss.

I guess it could be worse…

…the heat wave settling over the Southwest, could be dangling over us.


But still, it’s hot!

Hotter than a goats butt in a pepper patch.

You heard me.


We had some rain sprinkled throughout the month of June…


…but now it’s July and August is approaching, so it’ll be hot AND dry.

…drier than happy hour at the Betty Ford Clinic.

I’m ready for winter, because…

Shut up.

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  • Heather Cranmer

    It got up to 104 yesterday here in Palacios, TX…And we haven’t had any rain for at least 3 weeks =( Not even sprinkles =(

    • GKAdams

      The trees are going to start begging the dogs to pay them some “attention!”

  • Shirley Maya Tan

    Looks like the heat wave is spreading in the USA. Still, you should be glad that you do not have the bloody haze we had for the past few weeks. It was horrible. The API went up to as high as 791 in some areas! That’s like standing in the middle of a wild forest fire without any oxygen! IT WAS BAD.

    • GKAdams

      Yeah…I wouldn’t want to have to battle the haze, although with the wildfires burning in the southwest, it must be horrible.

      • Shirley Maya Tan

        We were almost CHOKED to death :(

  • Deb

    It’s way too hot! Can you fry an egg on your head? I hope your air-conditioning works!

    • GKAdams

      Can’t fry an egg just yet, but as a redneck, I’m about to break out the kiddie pool and lounge in it with a cold wash cloth on my head.

  • Phil Holtberg

    Even in NYC it’s been hot and humid. Swamp ass weather here! I’m ready for the Fall already!

    • GKAdams

      I hear ya! Surrounded by a concrete jungle doesn’t help. I’ve only been to NYC during the winter (the day after Christmas) and I just about froze my ass off and I was dressed up like a polar bear. Couldn’t believe it felt like a damn wind tunnel. Still love NYC though!

  • Cyndi

    I admit it: I LOVE the heat and summer. But that’s because even though I’m in NC, I’m in the mountains and it’s only 78 here. :) Hehehe. There’s no way you’d find me in the Southwest right now, though. LOL

    • GKAdams

      Must be nice where you are. Between 60-75 degrees year-round would be ideal to me.

  • Emelie Samuelson

    Oh no!! I’d rather be hot than cold, though.

    • GKAdams

      It’s easier for me to warm up than it is to cool down. Give me autumn anytime!

  • MolleyMills

    That’s funny! Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

    • GKAdams


  • Vashti Q-Vega

    How hot is it? Hahaha! Hilarious post. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, again. 😀

    • GKAdams

      It’s hot as balls! :-)

  • William Kendall

    One day closer to winter, one day closer to winter….