Weekly Wrap-Up #13

This past week was nothing but .gif posts, so I figured I’d round out the Weekly Wrap-Up with the same! You’re welcome!

I’m in THE Kitchen: I introduced my guest blog over at the Vintage Kitchen with a series of .gifs. I capitalized ‘THE’ in the title, because, really? In my mind it’s the best kitchen that exists. If you think yours is better, then…

and you’ll just have to try and prove it to me, but, good luck.

Friends From Around the World: In this post, I reflect on the amazing journey that it’s been writing a blog and introduced two people who have been wonderfully supportive and even better friends. In fact, all of my readers are awesome!

Me to all of you. :)

More Daily Funnies: a hodgepodge of a post, because I was feeling silly.

No Post.

Multitasking: I talked about trying to do more than one thing at a time. In other words, multitasking, in which I kind of suck.


Yes, me.

Insomnia: I was on day 3 of only having a few hours of sleep. Delirium was setting in. I apologize. If you are a witness to my blabbering mumbo-jumbo, I apologize again. Just ignore me until I’m able to sort this shit out.


I hope everyone has a terrific Sunday!

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  • Phil Holtberg

    Always enjoy all the GIF posts – fun stuff!

    • GKAdams


  • William Kendall

    I’ve felt delirious in one way or another most of the week, so I can relate!

    • GKAdams

      I think we all do!

  • Cyndi

    I suck at multitasking – hence the whole debate inside my head with my blog, LOL. (I guess that debate is outside my head now, haha). When I have a task, I tend to focus on that and only that – often until I get burnt out on it. I have to figure out how to tone down that tendency, but no one will ever say I don’t give 1000% to the things I do when I am focused. Hahaha. I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

    • GKAdams

      Multitasking is hard! There should be a college degree for that, but then I wouldn’t want to the student loans!

  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    I think you can have a blog dedicated to .gif´s… thanks for the roses you sent me

    • GKAdams

      Huh? Thanks for the roses I sent you? I’m confused.

      • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

        haha sometimes I don´t think when I write. We say that here when someone speaks good things about you. Shout out would fit better

        • GKAdams

          Ahh, okay. That makes sense now! At first, I thought that maybe I was delusional from the insomnia and had actually sent you roses all the way to Argentina. HAHA! But then I also thought it could be the differences in languages and meaning, but just wanted to make sure. Too funny! You definitely had me confused.