Mud Bugs


Ah, yes, mud bugs. What are they? They’re crawfish/crayfish (aka Redneck Lobster).

You know…I’d like to meet the first person that saw one of these little bastards and said, “That thar critter might be delicious after I boil it in a pot of water and throw some Cajun spices on it.”

Why? Because this is where they live:

mud bugs

That’s right…it’s a mud bug. I used to catch these things as a kid. I’d grab a stick, tie on a piece of string on the end of it, add bologna and viola…mud bug! I never knew what to do with it once I caught it, so back into the hole it went. Apparently, Cajun blood didn’t run through my body until I got much older, when I figured out that these little suckers are pretty tasty.

Eating them is easy, unless you are me. Most ‘normal’ people will detach the tail from the head, suck the juice from the head and pull the meat from the tail using your mouth.

If you are me, well, then that’s a different ball game altogether.

1. Hold mud bug with both hands while detaching the tail.
2. Look inside head.
3. Shudder.
4. Toss head aside because sucking the, “brains” out goes against everything you believe in.
5. Examine tail remnants.
6. Make a funny face.
7. Pull meat from tail using the hand you used while tossing aside the head.
8. Shudder.
9. Toss tail shell aside.
10. Grab napkin.
11. Wipe that poopy looking stuff from the tail.
12. Gag.
13. Examine napkin.
14. Gag again.
15. Check tail meat thoroughly to make sure poopy stuff is completely gone.
16. Grab a clean napkin and wipe again.
17. Realize you can’t get it completely clean.
18. Pick off bits of napkin.
19. Dunk tail in glass of water.
20. Examine yet again.
21. Is clean (er).
22. Pop into mouth.
23. Chew.
24. Declare crawfish is bland.
25. Realize you washed off all of the cajun spice.
26. Mutter to self that you’re a moron.
27. Start all over at #1.
28. Repeat steps until you realize that this is just too much work for this crap.
29. Still tasty, yes?
30. State that you can’t wait to do that again next year.

GK Adams

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  • Phil Holtberg

    We do eat some weird stuff out there don’t we?

  • Timothy Hurley

    When I was a kid in rural IL we caught those in tiny ponds and puddles and called them crawdads.

  • Bee

    I’m sure they’re yummy, but I just can’t eat food that, cooked, still looks the same as it did when it was alive! lol Found you through I Don’t Like Mondays :-)

  • Awkwardly Alive

    You’re hilarious! Before I became a vegetarian, I used to love eating crawfish. They’re just so tasty!

  • Lissa

    Ewww, I’m sorry I could not eat those. But I also caught them when I was a kid. I’d walk in the little creeks trying to find them and the little black salamanders with a red stripe too!

  • AnotherCleanSlate

    Wow! I love crawfish but I never knew where they came from- maybe that was for the better!

  • Kathy Radigan

    I have always loved crawfish but I did not know where they came from either. My dad use to stuff flounder with crawfish when I was little but I have never eaten them the way you describe. I guess I still have some living to do!! Thanks for such a fun post!

  • William Kendall

    I literally cannot understand the sort of person who looks at those things- and lobsters, for that matter- and thinks, “hey, that would taste great with butter and garlic.

  • SarahA

    I have never had crawfish, but I do love lobster and crab (I am from Maine after all). Hmmmm… not so sure I’d want to be sucking the brains out of anything.