Yeah! The letter, “Z!” Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da!
This means it’s the end of the April A-to-Z Challenge.

I’m not sure how many bloggers found this difficult…

but for me, it was rather easy since I post every day anyway.

Okay, the letters Q and X put me in quite a pickle.
But, I wound up pulling something out of my ass and made it work.

Yay, me! I succeeded and finished the challenge. Let’s celebrate!

Also, don’t forget that the first newsletter comes out tomorrow. If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up below.

GK Adams

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  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    Kudos for sticking to the challenge! I wish I had known it in time, I would´ve loved to give it a try. Next time. btw, your site is not loading correctly on my end. The background is all dark green and the letters black, so I need to highlight it to read it… the pics load well.

    • GKAdams

      I was having the same problem with the background. I think one of my plug-in’s was messed up and it should be fixed. Can you check my site again and let me know? Thanks!

    • GKAdams

      Thanks. I was having the same problem and after having a small panic attack, I think I fixed it. Let me know if you have anymore problem! As always, glad you stopped by.

  • Deb Claxton

    That’s a lot of blogs to complete congratulations!

  • AnotherCleanSlate

    We did it!! Yay for almost May! :)

  • Awkwardly Alive

    Good job!!! :)

  • Marti Murphy

    It’s been a fun month.

  • Phil Holtberg

    Great job! Love the new newsletter!

  • William Kendall

    A job well done!