Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s the weekly wrap-up. Here’s the shi stuff you missed last week:

Sassy: I was feelin’ it. “It,” meaning Sassy, so I expressed myself.

Tempting: I announced my new upcoming newsletter in hopes that all y’all would rush to get on the list. FAIL. Now’s your chance to make me feel better and sign up.

Unbalanced: It appears we have another unbalanced person in our society. I provide proof of that fact and apparently we didn’t have to file our tax returns.

Very Excited: The official announcement of the newsletter and I presented the official sign up form. Okay, it’s official. You can officially sign up now. Please do.

Whisker Patrol: I discuss thoseĀ embarrassingĀ things (and the pain that goes along with it) that make us *older* women.

X-Factor: Ugh. Some of us have it, and some of us don’t. I show you those that have failed in the X-Factor department.

Luck Be A Lady: I’m lucky, but not really a lady (because of my locker room humor), but you might get a kick out of this and suggest I start faithfully playing the lottery.

So, that’s it my fine reading folks! What did you do?

GK Adams

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  • Phil Holtberg

    Love the wrap up and enjoying the new newsletter!