An interesting thing happen last week on Facebook and I thought I would share this with all of you. That is…if I can stop giggling long enough to type this out.

Let me first say that I’m an asshole. I know this. I’m okay with it if you agree.

Anyway, there is was a person listed as one of my, “friends” on Facebook that seems a little unbalanced. It was someone that I had worked with many, many years ago, and I never communicated with this person outside of work — not even on Facebook. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure why this person wanted to be my, “friend.” I’m not a nice person. Well, that’s not entirely true…I’m just an asshole, remember?

On April 14th, the following status update showed up on my news feed from my, “friend:”


Feeling ornery, I replied, “Do you need another tin foil hat?”

Apparently, this would not bode well for me as I was soon to find out.

One of her family members also replied, “Wishful thinkin’ cuzzin’.”

Her response: “Fortunately it isn’t wishful thinking. It is fact. I get my 411 from my sources with the bank, UST (United States Treasury) and Pentagon. The 411 will be made public soon. Just don’t know how soon.”

Me: “LMAO!”

Her: “The money that people have paid into Federal Income Tax for the last 25 years will be rightfully returned to the citizens.”

Me: “Yeah okay. I guess I’ll go buy that ocean front property in Arizona with my ‘refund.’ smh!”

Her: go ahead and keep shaking your head. You will see for yourself when they start making announcements.

Me: Yeah, just like they made the announcement about Obama’s “indictment?” [name redacted] …really? Whatever you’re smoking, I want some of it.

(See…I told y’all I was an asshole)

Out of curiosity, I went an looked at her timeline. It seems her breakdown started happening in February 2013 with the following status updates. My smart ass comments are in italics:

  • 2/1/13: DOJ (Department of Justice) finally indicts Obama on fake birth certificate and all executive orders are null and void. DOJ will announce that Obama will step down very soon. (Um, okay.)
  • 2/12/13: Pope Benedict stepping down to avoid arrest and seizure of church assets. (She cited a blog as her source on this one.)
  • 3/15/13: Obama impeachment hearings begin.
  • 4/9/13: Hillary Clinton and Pope are under house arrest. (I’m assuming they aren’t in the same house, yes?)
  • 4/11/13: FEMA camps to start killing Americans.
  • 4/12/13: Biden resigns, but still collects salary.
  • 4/13/13: Republicans and Democrats associated with the Illuminati.

Y’all know what I’m thinking? I could make a safe bet that if all this were true, that FoxNews would be all over this shit, and you know what? I’d be right.

My conclusion of all this?

1. I’m a flypaper for freaks. And not in a good way.
2. Apparently, we didn’t need to file tax returns.


One her friends on Facebook even sent me a private message, stating that something weird is going on with her and has been for a while. My guess? Drugs or a psychotic episode. In any case, after receiving multiple, crazy private messages from her on Facebook, I finally suggested that she seek professional help. She ignored me and continued with her political rants. I asked her to stop contacting me, and that if she didn’t stop, I’d report her. Needless to say, she was deleted from my friends list.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been such an asshole. Did I learn my lesson? Probably not.

GK Adams

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  • AnotherCleanSlate

    Ha- I have “friends” like these- ones you should defriend but the drama is just too great to miss.

    • GKAdams

      That’s what I thought at first, but as the PMs got more aggressive, I had to put a stop to it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.kendall.9 William Kendall

    Oh boy… that’s a weird one to have to deal with! Definite tin foil hat for that one.

    • GKAdams

      I agree. Tin foil is easily accessible.

  • http://twitter.com/Thedesertrocks Eve

    Thank goodness for the delete button. Hope she doesn’t live close to you!

    • GKAdams

      Um, I think she’s somewhere in Arizona or California. Not sure.

  • http://twitter.com/sadderbutwiser SarahA

    Yeah I say there’s one who needs a tin foil hat…

    • GKAdams

      I think the antennae on her other one broke. Speculation, of course.

  • GKAdams

    Thank you very much. This makes the second one I’ve received in April. I will respond to both during the 1st week of May since I’m still doing the A-to-Z Challenge during April. Appreciate it!

  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    A million tin foil hats wouldn´t work. Isn´t social media a charming place? And do you know the amount of people who spent a lot of time looking to see if those comments were true? After all, you saw it on fb! I guess those delusional characters you see on tv do happen in real life. This post made me laugh for hours.

  • http://twitter.com/filbio Phil Holtberg

    Hope she doesn’t know where you live! Gotta love that FB delete button!