I’m not one to stir the pot. I’ve never been like that and never will be. It’s just my personality. Don’t get me wrong, because I can form my own opinions just like everyone else, but I’m a tad different in that I don’t shove my views down anyone else’s throat…well, unless you start shoving your opinions down mine, then yes, I will stand up for my rights and anyone else being, “attacked” for no good reason.

What you normally see written on my blog is for comedic purposes only. I honestly believe that most of my readers know this about me and provide me leeway in order to do so. Let’s not confuse things though, because I still hate Walmart and love to make fun of rednecks. Would I do so viciously?  Nope. It’s all fun and games and if there ever comes a time where someone feels insulted with what I’ve written in the past, then it would cause me to reconsider my viewpoint and make any necessary retractions if warranted. Trust me, I’m diplomatic enough to take a look at all of the sides presented and make a rational choice…one that benefits not only my readers, but me as well. Are others as diplomatic? Meh.

Anyway, I tend to steer away from controversy; however, something happened yesterday that has me foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.

A fellow blogger and friend sent me a private message on Facebook late Saturday night to let me know that she deleted her blog and her twitter account. It was a vague message, but she explained that she would fill me in on the details later. When I saw the message on Sunday morning, I immediately wrote back asking if everything was okay. She immediately responded, and as it turns out, everything was NOT okay. More on the reasons why in a minute.

It’s a shame that she felt the need to delete her blog, because I really enjoyed reading everything she wrote. She had the courage to say the things I was thinking and she always presented them in a somewhat neutral way. I use the words, “somewhat neutral,” because she did have her own opinions — opinions that would stir the pot and piss people off. But, what she wrote was intended to make people think, to create change, hope, and give people the ability to form their own opinions and to have their own courage to stand up for what they believe in.

Ah, but there’s the sticking point. You see…not everyone wants people to do that, especially if you go against their own beliefs. Not everyone has an open mind and can see both sides of the issues. Instead of starting what one hopes to be a healthy debate, it turns out to be a witch hunt. Yes, it’s like the Salem Witch Trial of 1692, except it’s 2013, and my blogging friend was being readied for the gallows without a trial.

For the sake of this post and the issue(s) at hand, I’m not going to post her name or any other information pertaining to the identity of her blog. It’s not that she asked me to refrain, but I’m doing so out of respect and to give her the chance to present her side should she choose to do so at a later date. It will be up to her to reveal her identity, and I hope she does.

I will, however, lay out the picture that was posted and how she was personally attacked.

Let me start by saying that I DO NOT care what your political affiliations are. I don’t care if you are conservative, liberal, or somewhere on the fence. So, the picture I’m about to post, might ruffle a few feathers, but, again, that’s not my intention.

Here it is:

treason media

In the lower right-hand corner of the picture, you’ll see the source: This name is in no way associated with my blogging friend, but yet, she was harassed and attacked because she tweeted it out. I’m not talking about being harassed by only people like you and me…I’m talking about the MEDIA too! Yes, the media.

So, what is this picture about? Well, apparently there are some Republican representatives who sided with Obama on his stance concerning gun control. Is that a typical Republican stance? Not so much. Yes, it’s true that Conservatives believe that any gun control is the start of something bigger, something more controlling in the future. In other words, if you take some rights away, then eventually, more and more will be taken.

A lot of conservatives believe that we are on the road to socialism and it just starts with issues like gun control. They believe that if you take away guns from citizens, then the government is left with unarmed servants, who have no choice but to do what they’re told.

In all honesty, I don’t consider myself a Democrat nor a Republican. I’m a Libertarian. I’m conservative, yet, I want a small government. I believe in the rights of the people. Let’s control spending and cut out State Representatives. I don’t need anyone “representing” my opinions. If something needs to be voted on or laws enacted, then LET THE PEOPLE VOTE! Majority rules. If what I believe in doesn’t pass the vote, then it’s my job to accept the majority. However, historically, I have voted for Republicans, because the Libertarian “view” has not really hit the ground running yet. Am I such a hardcore staunch conservative? Not really. For example, I believe that gays should have the right to marry and it should be up to the people in each individual state to vote and make that decision.

I wrote a humorous post last week called, “Justified,” and in it I said: If you tell me you’re a redneck, then I’m justified in annoying you with facts and logic. That’s not the original way it was supposed to read. No, originally, I put: If you tell me you’re a liberal, then I’m justified in annoying you with facts and logic. See what I did there? I was a coward. I didn’t want to stir the pot. Apparently, the feelings of my readers were more important than my my own views. In essence, I didn’t feel like being attacked. With what I’ve been going through lately, I felt I didn’t have the energy to defend myself.

Believe it or not, this is not supposed to be a political-type subject and I’m getting off track here, but I wanted you to know why I’m writing this post. I’m writing it because I’m sick and tired of our Freedom of Speech being called into question and we are condemned for our views. It happens to all of us, whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or Tea Party! It seems that nobody can escape such criticism and it’s sad. Each of us has a right to speak our minds without being called into question. It’s in our f**king Constitution! However, you should NOT condemn others if their viewpoint does not coincide with yours. If you don’t want to listen to their opinion, guess what? You have the right to walk away or stick around a talk (aka debate) like a rational human being. You do NOT have the right to attack someone.

Case in point: after she tweeted that picture, her integrity, character, and even the name of her Blog site was called into question. They even got so vicious to call out the title of her yet-to-be published book for tweens. Yeah, it got personal. So, I can see her reasons for taking down her blog and twitter account…she didn’t want the success of her book to be overshadowed by something silly like this. And you know what? It would have been!

However, if it was only her that tweeted the picture, it would have probably been shrugged off, but a Texas (Republican) Commissioner retweeted her tweet and as a result, HIS actions for doing so were called into question. Unfortunately  she got dragged along for the ride to the gallows. The Commissioner has since written a retraction on his own website, saying:

Over the past several months, I have begun using Twitter as a tool to engage with a more politically active and attuned group of voters.  I have enjoyed the conversation.  Twitter remains a medium I am committed to.

Last night, as conservatives across the nation erupted in outrage, I reacted to a capitulation by 16 Republican members of the US Senate on the 2ndAmendment. Working from my iPhone, I grabbed a readily available listing of those Senators, and sent it as a re-Tweet.

In my haste to post, I failed to carefully review the complete image.  The choice of a message to re-tweet was wrong.  I have pulled the material down.  Even the original author of the post has withdrawn the material.

The mistake was mine.  I apologize.

Give me a break! First of all, he “failed to carefully review the complete image?” Bullshit! It’s not that difficult to review and wouldn’t have taken that long. Is he that busy? Second, my blogging friend wasn’t the “original author of the post.” As I mentioned before, it was posted by a Facebook group, called A Sheep No More, and guess what? No, they didn’t withdraw the picture. It’s still on their site in plain view. However, the fact that this Commissioner felt the need to placate those who don’t agree with his beliefs only says to me that he doesn’t care for anyone’s rights…only to get reelected. It’s about numbers and a paycheck. He is in the process of saving his own ass and will use any means to do so. You know what I say? GROW SOME F**KING BALLS! He meant to tweet that picture and he should have stood behind his choices and not fallen behind my friend and used her as a scapegoat. WEASEL!

An article was also written by a “newspaper” out of Dallas. I’m familiar with the publication since I’m originally from Dallas and it tends to lean a little more liberal than other publications…not that I care, because I believe we all need to use some sort of platform to make our voices heard. Normally, I would provide the name of the so-called journalist who wrote the article, and even include what he wrote, but that would reveal the identity of my friend — something I said I would not do. But, suffice it to say, the accusations made in that articles were unfounded. Like the media typically likes to do…they take bits and pieces of information (in this instance, from my friends blog) and twist it to whatever meaning that can be used to sway his or her, “jury.” Another WEASEL who needs to grow a set of balls!

Shame on the media! Shame on those people who feel the need to attack those who do not agree with their opinions. Shame on those people who think that their beliefs are the only ones that hold value.

You know what else? Shame on anyone who condemns me for exercising my own Freedom of Speech rights.

I know that this post will unsettle some of my readers, but I hope you don’t come here to bash my views or shove your opinions down my throat. I don’t do that to you and never would! I know for a fact that my post is going to piss off the people who attacked my friend, because I intend to send them personal tweets letting them know about this post. I’m ready for their comments.

All I ask is that everyone have an open mind when presented with something different. It’s called common ground…we ALL have a right to stand on it and I would stand beside any one of you to protect that right, no matter your political views! There is absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER to argue our points, because it doesn’t get us anywhere. Instead, it would be more productive to have a meeting of the minds and work together to make a difference.

Arguing and attacking others gets you nowhere, but, if it’s your intention to do so, then be prepared. I won’t bite unless bitten first and I can get pretty vicious too!

And you know what else? If you come here and leave nasty comments that holds no value, logic, or facts, then don’t even bother saying anything. I won’t stand for ignorance. If, however, you have something of value to contribute, then by all means, you are free to do so.

Peace! (and, I truly mean that!)

GK Adams

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  • Cheryl Nicholl

    Gina- I think this is great! You’ve said it soooo well. People do need to grow a set, get thicker skin, and ease-up. I had an aunt that always said “I don’t know why they call it common sense- not many people have it”. I’d add- and have forgotten we ALL have common ground- it’s called being part of the human race. Jesus! Again- great post.

    • GKAdams

      People can’t treat people like humans…unless you agree with them.

  • Michael Mele

    It’s a real shame that your friend felt she needed to delete her blog/Twitter account because of this nonsense…just another writer with a mind silenced…very sad. Thanks for sharing the story…it really makes you think. I say a lot of outlandish things on my blog…and I’m okay with that…because like you said normal people will debate you…but idiots will try to fight you…and they’re the people who make it fun.

    • GKAdams

      I don’t think Freedom of Speech is valid any longer.

  • Phil Holtberg

    Well worded post! You said it all here with great aplomb. It is just so sad that your friend felt she had to delete her blog and twitter because of a few that can not handle the reality of what was conveyed. It’s called freedom of speech. It’s our right. I hope she reconsiders and comes back so as to not let the idiots win.

    • GKAdams

      It’s a total shame!

  • Jessica

    Wow! I can’t believe your friend was harassed by the media over something so silly. People really need to find better things to put their energy into. I’m glad you’re friend deleted her blog and whatnot since it would be a shame to have her upcoming book shadowed by such ridiculousness. However, it’s disgusting that she should have to do so. I hope everything clears up and all is forgotten soon.
    Have fun with a-z.

    • GKAdams

      I hope so too. It could happen to any one of us.

  • William Kendall

    Politicians, of any stripe, are by and large a weasel-ly type, after all… and the media certainly only magnifies that trait in them.