Weekly Wrap-up #3

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for my weekly wrap-up! This is where you can get your weekly dose of crap that you missed and get caught up. And, yes, it was crap.


I took an old post (but mostly read post) and input the link into Gizoogle. What shot out the other end like a bad case of the squirts was a hilarious take on the post. If you still haven’t tried it, give it a go.


Two-Fer Deal
I tried to spur some advertisement deals, but…FAIL. That fell flatter than pancake, but the giffy pictures were fun. At least I thought they were.


Tougher than usual day for me and all I could post was my Bloglovin’ link after I signed up. Three whole sentences and it took all my energy to get those done.


Depression Sucks!
Another hard day. I decided to write about what’s been wrong with me. Very draining to write this. I hope to never have to write another post like it ever again. For cryin’ out loud, I know y’all don’t want to hear about this shit, because it’s, well…depressing.


Thank You!
A quick, but huge thank you to everyone who responded to Thursday’s post and understood what I have been going through. I also let Mama June from Honey Boo Boo spread the love around.


Stupid Invention Saturday #6
Guess what? Another stupid invention. In fact, this whole idea of posting stupid inventions has gotten rather stupid. I’m better than that. I think. Time to do something a little different.

In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and what I think is that this blog has become a little drab. It’s time for a little mouth-to-mouth. It needs oxygen. It needs chest┬ácompression’s. It needs new life. So, look out because some changes are on the horizon. The humor will stick around, but I’m going to focus on different types of topics like, cooking, travel, photography, more guest bloggers, etc.

Hopefully, if I can get my head out from under the covers, get my ass motivated, you’ll see things will be a lot better around here.

Of course, if you have ANY suggestions…any at all…leave me some ideas in the comments. Also, if you want to do a guest post, by all means, CONTACT ME! PLEASE!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! I’ll see y’all on Monday.

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GK Adams

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  • Phil Holtberg

    I just did the Gizoogle thing again. Still makes me laugh!
    Also hope you are feeling better. Depression does suck.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.kendall.9 William Kendall

    It’s draining to write about depression… but at the same time, it has a cathartic effect.