Cajun Redneck in the News

Nothing is easier than making fun of a redneck, except for making fun of a Cajun redneck descendant of the Acadians (settlers of eastern Canada).

Note: this post is not about Canadians, so save the hate mail. I love the Canadians! This post is about a certain stupid southern species who probably has more than ten lawsuits pending against their dog or takes a fishing pole to Sea World.  

Anyway, this bodacious hunk is the epitome of magnificent sophistication. Check it out:

Cajun Redneck

This here chuckle bucket was wearing a tin foil hat and was arrested after admitting that he called and threatened to torch 4 Louisiana schools last week. Honestly, I’m glad they caught this nut job.

Investigators were able to determine a phone number from where the calls originated. When they called the number, they were greeted by a man who identified himself as the caller who made the threatening phone calls to the schools. At least he was honest.

When asked for his current location, he told investigators he was at friend’s home, which is where they found him (again, honesty is the best policy), wearing tin foil wrapped around his head, secured by a baseball cap. Apparently, there’s no need to be careless with your tin foil hat by making sure a gust of wind doesn’t take it away, so securing it with a baseball cap is considered erring on the side of caution.

He allegedly told investigators the foil was there to prevent microwave signals from entering his head. So, there’s that.

Apparently this, “upstanding citizen” had a prior criminal history with multiple arrests for possession of narcotics, simple burglary, aggravated battery, criminal trespassing, theft, illegal possession of a weapon along with numerous traffic related offenses.

I suppose that’s one less person off the street who thinks the stock market has a fence around it or that potted meat on a saltine is considered a hors d’ouvre.

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GK Adams

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  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    I agree with the whole post. Perfect mid-week read to feel mentally very sane.

    • GKAdams


  • Cyndi

    LOL…foil around the head…block microwaves…logical…hahaha. What a hoot. Funny post, too.

    • GKAdams

      I wonder if it was because of the drugs he was taking. Nah!

  • Stonie Stonemaker

    someone needs to tell him he should of used a rubber hat to protect him from the microwaves XD

    • GKAdams

      HAHA! True.

  • Stacy Harris

    Sometimes all we can do is shake our head….. yeah… I got nothing. But I keep thinking about aliens for some reason! And wonder if the water tastes weird.

    • GKAdams

      He probably drank the water from a contaminated pond.

  • Deb Claxton

    Interesting we just have ordinary rednecks here.

    • GKAdams

      Want some of ours? Wisconsin needs to diversify.

  • Lisa Newlin

    QUESTION: Did they allow him to keep his tin foil hat while he was in jail? Maybe he could get cable reception with a tin foil hat…maybe that was his plan all along…:-)

    • GKAdams

      He was going to use it to order some pizza

  • William Kendall

    He could be my idiot ex-brother-in-law’s smarter brother. Scary.

    • GKAdams

      LOL! Probably!