Banana Pudding (aka Nanner Puddin’)

banana pudding nanner puddin

If you don’t know what Nanner Puddin’ is, then you have been living under a rock. Others may call it Banana Pudding, but whatever, it’s N-A-N-N-E-R P-U-D-D-I-N’. It is the second greatest invention of all time, next to caramel popcorn. <— I wrote a whole post on that lovely goodness right there.

I don’t eat Nanner Puddin’ all the time, but when I do, you can bet that I’ve practically bathed in the stuff. It’s that good. I’m like a pig wallerin’ in mud.

Every single time I see a bowl of that glorious yellow, gelatinous, Nilla cookie-filled greatness, I swear I can hear the angels singing Hallelujah! I get goosebumps. Drool slips from the bottom of my lip and onto the floor. I start shaking all over, reaching for the spoon so I can quickly devour a spoonful before my body has a chance to hit the floor and I throw a fit from lack of potassium.

Damn, my mouth is watering from just writing this post.

There is a right way to make Nanner Puddin’ and there is the wrong way. The right way it to use whipped cream on the top. The wrong way is to use meringue (aka calf slobber). Just … no.

The right way is to fill it up with Nilla Wafers. The wrong way is to not use enough Nilla Wafers. Enough said. The cookies should be crunchy, therefore placed on the top. Do not place them on the bottom because then they will get soggy (shudder). It’s also wise to have an open box of Nilla Wafers nearby so I can use the puddin’ as a dip.

It should not be baked in the oven. That makes the cookies soggy. It should be made with instant pudding and refrigerated immediately so it’s nice a cold. If you cook the pudding, it gets that nasty ass film-y layer on the top that will literally make me gag. Not a pretty sight. Yes, I’m rather picky.

Anybody got any Nanner Puddin’?


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  • Misty MeetTheCottons

    love it! my mother in law introduced me to a cold version of banana pudding and a woman i worked with used to pay me to make it for her. it must have been yummy. i just can’t eat the bananas in the pudding with the vanilla waffers. i just can’t get past the discoloration of the nanners. but, with that recipe my mom in law gave me, you can use banana cream instant pudding mix and it all still tastes like nanner puddin without the brown bananas! i may have to make some of that this weekend!

    • GKAdams

      With the flavored puddin’, you can leave out the nanners.

  • Terrye Toombs

    LOL! This used to be my mom’s favorite. When I was working at the big battery company in Florida, my boss made it with Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies instead of Nilla Wafers and it was good, just not the same. Now I was Nilla Wafers! :)

    • GKAdams

      What the…what? There is no such thing as Nanner Puddin’ WITHOUT Nilla Wafers!

  • Cyndi

    Love me some puddin’. Love nilla wafers. Love sweets so much I think I’m rotting. HAHAHA. Awesome post as always! Enjoy yer puddin’ y’hear?

    • GKAdams

      Puddin’ is the greatest invention. Ever.

  • Lisa Newlin

    WHY DID YOU POST A PHOTO OF NANNER PUDDIN?! I feel like you’re intentionally torturing me.
    And I prefer to use the wafers as a spoon and dip them in the puddin. It’s amazeballs.

    • GKAdams

      Because if you can have the real thing, then photos can be a nice substitute, especially if one is dieting.

  • Phil Holtberg

    This is amazing. Love me some Nanner Puddin. You are so right about the prep. No soggy wafers!

  • William Kendall

    My mom’s made something very similar to this in the past.

    • GKAdams

      Then you had an awesome childhood.