Random Stuff

Here’s some Random Stuff!

That feeling you get when you’re about to sneeze, but it doesn’t come out and instead, just burns your nose and makes your eyes water, so you try act all cool about it:
random shit _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Getting out of bed in the morning and stepping on a hairball that my cat left as a “present“:
why would you do this to me random shit_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
When Microsoft Word crashes and loses my last revision that I’ve spent all day working on: weeds random shit
But then I remember that Microsoft Word has an auto-save feature:
spanky little rascals random shit_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Finally getting some coffee in the morning:
pulp fiction random shit
dieting random shit
The first time I tasted bread pudding:
blech random shit______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Me, stalking my favorite bloggers:
cat stalking random shit
And finally, thank you to all of you who have subscribed to my blog, followed me on all social media outlets, and even tweeted my shit:
robert downey jr random shit

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GK Adams

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  • http://twitter.com/TongueSandwich2 Tongue Sandwich

    Grrrreat !!!

    • GKAdams

      Woo hoo! Glad you liked them.

  • Cyndi

    Awesome. More awesome videos. I love these posts. ;D

    • GKAdams

      I like them too. They are great to do when I have nothing else to really say.

  • http://www.theworld4realz.com/ Andi-Roo


    • GKAdams


  • http://twitter.com/PsychScriv Lissa St.Clair

    Very cool!

    • GKAdams

      Thanks, Lissa.

  • http://twitter.com/KatiaDBE Katia DBE

    Very, very cool. Why am I not doing GIFs again?

    • GKAdams

      Because that’s my job! LOL!

  • Deb

    I don’t know how you do this but it’s really cool!

    • GKAdams

      Yo, I have mad skillz!

  • William Kendall

    Stalker kitty is entirely too darling!

    • GKAdams

      That kitty has a highly rated “Aw” factor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.rumple.1 Richard Rumple

    Gina – You are too much sometimes! lol The diet and stalking cat got me here. Great job!

    • GKAdams

      Thanks, Richard. These posts are fun to do!

  • Stacy Harris

    I have had that moment when things shut down and I forgot to save…. I think I looked like that too… Only my hair was a little crazier!

    • GKAdams

      I know what you mean!

  • http://www.facebook.com/TToombs08 Terrye Toombs

    I loved the last two. LOL I would be the kitty stalking Robert Downy, Jr. *giggle*

    • GKAdams

      LMAO! Of course you would be stalking him!

  • http://twitter.com/MelChisnall Melanie Chisnall

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh this morning…can’t tell which ones I like best, they’re all funny.

    • GKAdams

      Thanks, Melanie!

  • http://twitter.com/carfor12 Carol Ford

    This was so cool to see this morning! Thanks for the laughs.

    • GKAdams

      Glad you enjoyed it!