Weekly Wrap-Up!

Most writers/bloggers choose to do their weekly wrap-ups on a Friday or Saturday, so I figured I would march to a different beat with a completely different drummer and do mine on Sunday’s. So, here we go:

Weekly Wrap-up (2/25/2013 – 03/02/2013)

In case you missed the posts this week, here they are:

Monday 2/25/2013: How to Provide Technical Support, where I extolled the virtues of, well, what else? Technical support and the users I dealt with on a daily basis.

Tuesday 2/26/2013: Redneck Haiku’s. I was bored, what can I say? But, I also asked readers to create their own haiku’s, which they did. Here is what a few of my readers had to say:

Susan Zutautus:
What’s on the menu
Roadkill gizzards and turtle
Eat up boy enjoy

Terrye Toombs:
Hot summer days, cold beer
Jacked up trucks and big mud holes
Makes a country girl horny

Stacy Harris:
I Fell in Love Once
Wit dis Real Purdy Woman
She had just one tooth

Peyton Price:
I think the neighbor
is a redneck in disguise.
He drinks beer from cans!

Deb Claxton didn’t exactly write a haiku, but she included a lovely poem:
You are funny
You are wacky
I like you better
than my chewin’ tobaccy

Let me know which one’s are your favorites in the poll below. Whomever gets the most votes, I suppose I’ll have to do something nice, like, ummm…I don’t know, maybe write a special post for them and showcase their blogs. Vote now!

Who Wrote the Best Redneck Haiku?

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Wednesday 2/27/2013: Wordless Wednesday, where I show off my innate photographic ability. If you believe it’s an innate ability, well…

Thursday 2/28/2013: Random Facts about me. Because I was supposed to. Because I won an award.

Friday 3/1/2013: What I Think of Social Media. A giffy take on social media. These seem to be everyone’s favorite type of posts. They are not easy, but the reactions/comments I receive are well worth the effort. I wish I could do these all the time, but then I wouldn’t be doing much writing, which is ultimately my goal; although, I do try to include them once or twice per week. If you have any ideas/themes for these types of posts, please leave me a comment.

Saturday 3/2/2013: Stupid Invention Saturday. This was my fourth attempt at this theme for Saturdays. I can’t decide if it’s working or not. I might try something else in the future, who knows?

So that’s it for now, folks! Stop by tomorrow, because I have some more giffy action for y’all again! What better way to start a Monday?

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GK Adams

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  • http://twitter.com/PsychScriv Lissa St.Clair

    Awesome week! : )

    • GKAdams


  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen

    Monday and friday had me laughing all week!

    • GKAdams

      I’m glad…esp. Monday because those are typically hard days.

  • Emelie Samuelson

    Another week of hilarity from GK Adams. I feel like my life would be so empty without these… Haha :)

    • GKAdams

      I’m glad I could complete you!

  • GKAdams

    We don’t judge here, Phil.