Learning SEO…So You Don’t Have To!

It’s all about sacrifices, people!


Umm…yeah, so yesterday was Valentine’s Day and…

flipping off gif seo______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Anyway. I’ve been working like crazy on learning search engine optimization, which is a bitch so much fun!

How I felt when I pulled up the first article I read and thought I might need to use Google Translator to give it to me in English:

confused seo______________________________________________________________________________________________________

When I feel I’m about to grasp the topic somewhat, I always get to that one part that confuses me even more than I was to begin with:

confused seo______________________________________________________________________________________________________

After many hours, I feel the need to negotiate with the monster called, “SEO”:

the notebook seo______________________________________________________________________________________________________

After working on it for…oh, I don’t know…forever? I finally get it right because WordPress indicates it with a green light:

booyah seo______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Realizing that I now have to go back and fix all of the posts I’ve done since the start of this blog. All 160+ of them:

nene gif learning seo______________________________________________________________________________________________________

I get through half of the posts and realize that there’s still the other half left:

frowny face seo______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Knowing that I still haven’t fixed the other half:

jack nicholson seo
Guess what I need to go do now?

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GK Adams

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  • http://pictimilitude.com Cyndi

    HHAHA. I LOVE these posts! You’re so clever with the video clips and I’m thinking it must take FOREVER to find them, LOL. Awesome stuff! Tweeted. :)

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      You’re right, the video clips aren’t easy to find, nor easy to relate to the blog post idea. Thanks for the tweet!

  • http://themisadventuresofamisplacedalaskan.blogspot.com/ Terrye

    yer new blog title “Learning SEO….So You Don’t Have To!” lol! *click*

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Loved your suggestion for an alternate title, so I changed it.

  • http://krmorrison777.posterous.com Kathy Ree

    This is how I feel about trying to format my books, Which is why I haven’t. I’d rather staple my upper lip to the kitchen door.

  • http://awkwardlyaliveandpleasantlypeculiar.com Emelie

    Ugh… I know I need to learn SEO, but it scares me… Let me know if you ever want to talk about it sometime!

  • http://richrumple.blogspot.com Rich Rumple

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve just been bombarded! You really do a great job with these in keeping the theme and finding the perfect scene to match! Really a great job!

  • http://www.blog.theregularguynyc.com Phil

    Ugh. I don’t even want to think about going back and SEO fixing my posts. I’d rather go out and drink!

  • http://bigaandlittlea.com Roshni

    lol!! Wait…which article was this?! Do I need to do it….I’m too scared to see how many posts I have!!

  • http://ramblingsofanundiagnosedmadwoman.blogspot.com Stacy Harris

    Now that is dedication… going back and fixing the SEO in all your posts. I have hard enough time just doing it the first time!

  • http://ohboymom.com Emily

    This was GENIUS! I still have no idea how to use SEO in my posts…I too have tried reading up on it and I get nowhere. I’m hoping someday someone will have the patience to just sit down with me and explain it in very simple terms…then I’ll go back and fix all my posts. Yeah right.

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Have fun fixin’ all that crap. I wish I would have learned it looooooong ago.

  • http://famousmangoes.wordpress.com/ Douglas R

    I love the last face!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      I thought it was pretty funny and classic Jack Nicholas.

  • http://www.mylocalbusinessonline.co.uk/ Jan

    Fix all past posts?! Ok, that is crazy… Loved the clips :)

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Gotta do it.

  • http://www.theworld4realz.com/ Andi-Roo

    haha… I say LEAVE ‘EM… till maybe that annual Bloggiesta Challenge comes around each year and spend that one weekend per year working on it hardcore. Otherwise? You’re gold, baby.

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Bloggiesta Challenge? Never heard of that one. I’ll have to check it out.