Wordless Wednesday #3

Thanks to Cyndi Calhoun over at Pictimilitude, I’m officially having fun doing this Wordless Wednesday thingamajig. It give me an opportunity to work on my photography skills or lack thereof. I don’t think, in this case, that there is any, “lacking.” I could be wrong.

lake Dry Summer in Texas wordless wednesday

Results of a Dry Summer in Texas

I know today is supposed to be “Wordless,” but I think this photograph deserves a little sumpin’ sumpin’, even though it truly speaks for itself.

I took this photo back in early to mid-December of 2012. Autumn and winter don’t really settle over the region in an attractive way, instead only revealing the true onslaught of a summer’s drought.

What is intriguing is that my intentions were not to really catch anything amazing. I was just having fun with my Canon Digital Camera and testing it out after it had recently been repaired.

However, what transpired is exactly what you see above.

This photograph just serves to point out that beauty, however dry and somber it can look, is still present. What we fail to do is stop, take a moment, and recognize it.

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GK Adams

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  • http://ohboymom.com Emily

    Such a cool photo – I love how the dried flowers are so crystal clear and the background a bit blurred – great contrast!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Thank you!

  • http://janinehuldie.com Janine Huldie

    Awesome photo and what I wouldn’t give for a bit of dry summer right now with the piles of snow they we have and supposedly more to come later today!!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Dry summer’s are a fire hazard. But, I don’t envy you with all that snow, that’s for sure.

  • http://www.debclaxton.com Deb

    I like the photo. Those weeds look like bells

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      I thought so too, but I don’t know what they’re called.

  • http://www.scribblesandsmiles.com Melanie Chisnall

    Oh my gosh, this picture is stunning. I love how you made the dried flowers stand out against the slightly out of focus background. It’s perfect!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Luck. Pure luck.

  • http://pictimilitude.com Cyndi

    Whoa! You know I tweeted this before I *really* looked at it and called it the “water”. But um, only after really looking at it did I realize what was going on. I love photos like that! Wow! It’s DRY! THAT is a story in itself.

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Sometimes we fail to see the beauty at first sight…but after taking a second glance…now, that’s different.

  • http://awkwardlyaliveandpleasantlypeculiar.com Emelie

    So pretty!!! Well done, Ansel Adams. Well done :)

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      I wish I had the Ansel Adams’ photographic eye.

  • http://jdeneen.com Julie DeNeen

    Oh that’s cool! I must say, I don’t ache for that type of summer. Give me winter any day!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      You might change your mind before all the snow up there melts.

  • http://ramblingsofanundiagnosedmadwoman.blogspot.com Stacy Harris

    I think this is a great shot. The background is all blurry and the front is in focus. Great catch!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Thanks…and it wasn’t even on purpose.

  • http://www.bigaandlittlea.com Roshni

    wow! those look like bells! what kind of flowers are those?

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      I think those “flowers” are called, “It’s hot as hell, so we’re going to die here by the lake.”

  • http://abracabadra.blogspot.com/ Ruchira

    Wow…they looked like bells hanging in nature.

    nature sure is beautiful even though it is dry and cracked up….lol

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Beauty is everywhere. We just have to be willing to see it.