Stupid Inventions Saturday #1

It’s Stupid Inventions Saturday!

Note: this was probably invented by a redneck. Just sayin’.

Are you hard of hearing? Can’t afford hearing aids, especially in a bad economy?

Have no fear!

If you have some of these babies lying around, you’re in luck.

If not, go down to your local nursery and purchase two 4″ plants.

Save the containers and cut to size.

Slap ’em on your ears!


Besides, you’ve not only provided yourself with enhanced auditory abilities, but also increased the beautification of your landscape.

These would make great, inexpensive gifts for your loved ones!

portable homemade hearing aids stupid inventions

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GK Adams


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  • Lissa

    Now this is a riot! I’m making these and putting them on when my kids come over. They have such a weird mom! LOL

    • GK Adams

      You must take pictures and post them on your blog!

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    • GK Adams

      Thanks for the pingback!

  • Emelie

    Okay. My face can only be enhanced by that product. Must get me some of that.

    • GK Adams

      Go to the nursery and hook yourself up!

  • William Kendall

    Very handy for giving to relatives you don’t much like in the first place too!

    • GK Adams

      I agree!

  • Terrye

    This is friggin B R I L L I A N T! No more excuses for the husband not being able to hear me!

    • GK Adams

      I know, right? No more selective hearing.

  • Rich Rumple

    Interesting! I think Dixie Cups would be just as effective and probably weigh a lot less. Still, they’d eliminate any chance of ever being able to use them as a weapon, so stay with the flowerpots! lol

    • GK Adams

      Yeah, but Dixie Cups really aren’t that classy. At least with these, you could wear them out in public.

  • Phil

    Totally amazing! Wish I had thought of these. Would have made a fortune!

    • GK Adams

      I know! It’s the million-dollar idea!