It’s next to impossible to get anything done when you have a cat, especially writing. You cat owners know exactly what I’m talking about too!
When I need silence to concentrate, but it’s just not going to happen:

Maybe there is a reason for that_______________________________________________________________________
Then, he tries to impress me by doing this:

Try to find out what this behavior means
Or this:
Morning physical exercice with a pillow
When I continue to ignore him, he throw himself a pity-party:

It's been a hard day bro
I finally give in and try to show him some affection, but he becomes a pompous ass:

Nope! Me first!
So, I go back to my computer to do more work, but he attacks the screen:

Tiny kitty experiencing Ipad user interface
I try to distract him by giving him something to do:

Appartement cat training!!!
But then he gets pissed and tries to take it out on the dog:

Cat attack fail
When that doesn’t work, he tries disguising himself:
A fun fat cat wear goggles

When that doesn’t do the trick, he finally gets bored and sleeps for the rest of the day:

Sleep doesn't warn
But when it’s time for me to go bed, he suddenly gets a wild hair up his ass:

White cat performing a WTF dance

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GK Adams

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  • Janine Huldie

    I can’t relate now, but back int he day we had a cat and you did them justice perfectly here!! :)

    • GK Adams

      You need to get another cat. A house is not a home without one. Or a dog.

  • Emelie

    Hahahaha – yes. Dragon’s cat is exactly the same way! Gio is pretty good about just chilling out when I’m working, but when I’m on the phone, he can’t stand it, so he throws his bone around on the hardwood floor and starts “talking” in protest. Jealous much? Gosh!

    • GK Adams

      Animals are sometimes worse than children.

  • Cyndi

    Hehe, YES! My cat sleeps on my head, turns the computer on in the middle of the night, attacks the tablecloth and drags everything off the table, including EVERYTHING on the table, LOL…yes, I understand. Completely.

    • GK Adams

      I know how you feel!

  • Rich Rumple

    Why do I feel at home with this post? My cats are still watching the screen on the laptop, while I post on the desktop. I have a feeling the laptop’s going to be on all afternoon. lol Great job!

    • GK Adams

      I keep thinking I’m going to install a cool screensaver for my cat, but I never get around to it.

  • Terrye

    I wish I could convince my husband that we need a cat. His mom hates them so he’s never had one and learned it from her. Stupid cat haters. :)

    • GK Adams

      Carry a big stick. That’ll convince him!

  • Phil

    LOL! My old cat used to do almost all of thes things! He would always make it a point to lay down right on the newspaper when I was reading it.

    I love both cats and dogs.

    • GK Adams

      Yep. If you can’t ever find your cat, bring out the paper! It’s a cat magnet!

  • Sandra

    I’m allergic to cats, but loved this post. Very funny!

    • GK Adams

      AW! Glad I’m not allergic to them!

  • Ruchira

    hahaha…Gina I can relate to that. Especially when I want peace, there will be noise all around me and all I can think of it shutting myself but still can’t do…lol

    • GK Adams

      Cats are awesome and irritating at the same time. Speaking of which…mine’s here bothering me now.

  • William Kendall

    Well, cats are the ultimate life form on the planet, after all, so they can do whatever they please, much to the inconvenience of their lowly staff.

    • GK Adams

      They are snotty, aren’t they?