Wordless Wednesday #2

I’m joining in on Wordless Wednesday again with Cyndi Calhoun over at Pictimilitude.

I’m thinking this will be a fun habit, because pictures are worth a thousand words, which means a thousand words less that I need to write.

Actually, since I’m posting two pictures, that would equal 2,000 words.

I’m a math genius, I tell ya!

 Cottontail Rabbit

yellow labrador and cottontail rabbit

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GK Adams

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  • http://janinehuldie.com Janine Huldie

    I feel the same way about Wednesdays now!! Oh I have a pretty good idea what your dog is thinking in that moment, lol!! :)

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      My dog Moose (in the picture) loves the bun buns!

  • http://pictimilitude.com Cyndi

    This made me giggle! I love this and both photos are too cute!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      I thought it was cute too. Moose was very still while staring at the bun bun (that’s what he calls rabbits). I couldn’t distract him if I tried. Concentration is very important.

  • http://www.blog.theregularguynyc.com Phil Holtberg

    Wow – there are so many captions that can be made for these. If only we knew what that rabbit and what that dog are thinking right now!

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      I think the bun bun was teasing poor Moose. Funny thing is, Moose wouldn’t hurt the rabbit. He’d probably hug him and squeeze him and call him, “George!”

  • http://www.misadventuresofloriandtam.com TAM

    I think we should turn this into a caption these photo contest. I could think of several for your 2 pics. Great choices.

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Let’s hear your captions! That would be awesome.

  • http://ramblingsofanundiagnosedmadwoman.blogspot.com Stacy Harris

    Oh… someone looks hungry! :)

  • http://ohboymom.com Emily

    I LOVED this, especially the perspective of the dog’s head…great photos and glad you posted both!

  • http://abracabadra.blogspot.com/ Ruchira

    ooh…your pet is waiting patiently to chase that bunny away.

    Great capture

  • http://amylandisman.com Amy

    I love this! It does say a lot – I can almost see the tension in the dog’s ears. Really cute! :)

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      I wouldn’t have been able to move him for the world.

  • http://www.scribblesandsmiles.com Melanie Chisnall

    That is brilliant! The pic of the rabbit close up and then of the dog watching it from the window…..very cool! :)

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Yes, Moose loves the bun buns.

  • William Kendall

    He’s thinking… “Please please please please let me out. I promise to be good for the next three years if you just let me out.”

    • http://www.funnylifestories.com GK Adams

      Nah…just enjoying the view.

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